B i o g r a p h y

Pre-1990 - Originally a piano player from the age of 4, I got to grade 6 when I was 13 before discovering the guitar. The first gig award goes to 'Betrayer' for which I was lead guitarist and vocalist. This was around 1988 and featured covers of Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Sodom, Testament. That kinda thing. I played in about 20 other bands, notably bass and clarinet for psychedelic progressive plain weird freak band 'The Lemon Carpet Band'. We supported the Bevis Frond on a number of occasious, blew a few peoples minds at a few free festivals back when they were still allowed, we sounded like hawkwind in places, acted like hawkwind in the rest. Drummer Mark Fabri and I jammed with a very early incarnation of Porcupine Tree. Betrayer went on to support underground extreme metal band Salem Orchid in London before splitting up shortly after. A year or so later I joined Salem Orchid.

1990-1996 - Various incarnations of Salem Orchid and related offshoots. Originally as bassist with Nikki Lordi, Steven Wood and David Gray. Later on as guitarist with David Gray, Pete Theobalds and a number of others. Hours of material still exist on tape, some of it very bizarre. Along with the metal influences we'd also discovered bands like Sonic Youth and their dissonant guitar playing, and Killing Joke, and were messing with all kinds of influences. Salem Orchid of course went on to become Akercocke. I was actually at the first rehearsal when there was talk of there being 3 guitarists, but I was pretty occupied with other stuff. Discussions happen occassionally about releasing some of this properly one day. Who knows?

1997-2000 - Guitarist with Nightnurse. Signed to Better Records. IDF single, video, tours, radio sessions and follow up album (never released due to liquidated label. Still have the 2 inch tapes). We got to record at Trident, Nomis and Black Wing studios. Amazing days, amazing press, played some amazing gigs, notably turning 200 people away from the Highbury Garage as the Skirt single shot up the chart and was getting played everywhere. As a bonus, we got in Guinness book of records for releasing the first ever mp3 single right in the middle of the uproar when it was first being talked about. 30,000 downloads in the first couple of days brought the server to a standstill.

2002-2006 - Drummer for Interlock, Crisis//Reinvention album and Skinless EP + tours. Also guitar work for a few bands, notably Shellshock and Avoidance Of Doubt.

2007-2009 - Drummer for Primitive Graven Image, tours and second album (produced by Russ Russell at Parlour Sound studios). Some writing credits for this album too and I also put down a couple of guitar parts. Drummer for Empyreal Destroyer for shows including Bloodstock Open Air 2008 (with Dimmu Borgir / Opeth / Napalm Death and more). Some stand in guitar and bass playing.

2010-2017 - Drummer for Primitive Graven Image, third album 'Psychedelic Episodes' (2012) also some guitar on album and writing credits, tours and festival dates to 2017. Drummer for Morktar (Now Cold And Dead demo + others). Bassist with Devilfork. Drummer for Abgott (2012-2014).

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