Audio / Video

Interlock - Skinless (High Quality audio / video)
Video post-production/effects by Lasse Hoile
Taken from the album Crisis//Reinvention - Anticulture Records, 2005.
(hi quality, may take a while to load)

From Youtube:

Primitive Graven Image - Slave To The Mannequin (Matt Platts on guitar)

Shellshock - Kev (Matt Platts on guitar)

Empyreal Destroyer - The Philosopher (Death Cover) - Live @ Bloodstock Open Air 2008

Empyreal Destroyer - Legendary Suffering and Five Wounds - Live @ Bloodstock Open Air 2008

Primitive Graven Image - 2nd Album Teaser (OK i confess, wanted to have some fun with windows movie maker...)
(features live drumming / drum recording of second album and a LOT of larking about :)

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