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Welcome to the personal web site of drummer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Platts.

Note - Last Updated 2009!

Over the last 15 or so years I've played a part in a number of bands - initially as a guitarist, more now as a drummer, focussing on extreme metal - double bass drumming, blast beats, gravity blasts and the like. I've had the pleasure of recording with some great producers such as Russ Russell (Napalm Death / Dimmu Borgir) and Roger Tebbutt (Cardiacs, Rachel Stamp, Gay Dad) at some top studios including the sadly demised Trident Studios, Nomis, Black Wing, Fortress Studios, Parlour Sound and many others. I've played for several signed bands and also worked as a session musician. I have played guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and even clarinet in bands ranging from death and black metal to punk, indie, progressive and psychedelic (thankfully not all at once!) My love of music happens to be in the extreme/black/industrial vein, and this is where i tend to find myself most of the time.

I am currently playing with Empyreal Destroyer - recently voted No.1 Unsigned and No.7 Best Overall Newcomer of the year in the Terrorizer readers polls, published in January 2008! We have recently played at the Bloodstock festival - the UKs largest metal festival, are shortly to be playing at Winterfest in Ireland with Amon Amarth and Skyclad, and we are currently discussing European dates for when the album is released. Our debut is due out very soon and is currently in final mixing stages. I have also just recorded the as yet untitled second album for Bucks based black metal band 'Primitive Graven Image'. Open Grave Records are no longer in existence (they run a mail order only now), so we're looking for a new label too. We are also due to be performing at Winterfest in Ireland in December. Previously I have been a part of a number of bands including Salem Orchid (pre-Akercocke black/death metal band), Interlock (industrial) and Nightnurse (one time charting indie/punk band).

S t u d i o

I also have my own studio available for hire in Gerrards Cross (Bucks/West London, UK), which serves for both rehearsal and recording purposes. It is out of town, set in an area of woodland and lakes and is a great place for drawring inspiration and focussing on the all important music. Check the page out here and please contact me if you are interested in making some use of it.

L e s s o n s

If you can get to Gerrards Cross, I'm happy to do lessons in anything from general technique and beginners lessons to speed drumming techniques. Contact Me if you are interested.

O t h e r   s t u f f

My other interest is in computer programming, specialising mainly in internet & related technologies, often within the music industry. I wrote and managed all of the web sites for Delerium Music for ten years (including the legendary and sadly demised 60s/70s/psych and prog head music specialist Freak Emporium) where I worked much of the time. In it's day the site was widely regarded as one of, if not the best music collectors sites on the internet, and it received a number of great reviews and notable mentions from magazines and newspapers such as Record Collector, The Guardian and even Bizarre, along with great feedback from many of our customers. I also work in backstage music production/event management and teching for bands which have included Porcupine Tree, Ginger and the Sonic Circus (inc download festival 2006), and at the peak of this worked for Brainwave Festivals when they put on the great 'Canterbury Fayre' festivals in 2002 and 2003. Bands I worked with at these festivals include Robert Plant, The Damned, Nick Turner(ex-Hawkwind) and Space Ritual, 20th Centiry Schizoid Band (ex King Crimson) and many more.

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